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The novel that gives you access to autism!

Torn by a desire for authenticity that she has always been denied, an autistic child runs away from home: for an entire summer, she squats in a campsite. Not conforming to what is expected of a girl, she decides to live as a boy and, since her words hurt others, she locks herself into silence. She will take the time to explore who she could be if false limits were not imposed on her. Hypersensitive, gifted and curious, she reveals her world, her distress and her perception of the world and those she calls humans.

By Valérie Jessica Laporte, autistic

4.8 / 5 stars on

Discovery prize Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Book Fair 2020

Finalist The meetings of the first novel 2020-2021

Winner of the Chambery First Novel Festival

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Unrecognizable is written with a unique pen, the product of a different thought. The result is tasty sentences where metaphors abound. The author sees the world in images, she explains. A single word is often insufficient to describe his thoughts precisely, which requires the assembly of several.

Isabelle Morin, LaPresse

The sentences in the novel are meticulously precise, and you sometimes have to catch your breath as you perceive the child's suffering. “I was touched while it gnaws at me like poisoned teeth. » (…) Above all, the story opens us to another logic, which also makes us smile. When you get stuck in the flowers on the carpet, you just have to pull it out, right?… Why then does that make mom scream?

Josée Boileau, Journal de Montréal

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